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Since June 14, I’ve been traveling from Athens to Berlin and writing about refugees and the people who help them get where they want to go. In my last post I wrote about Macedonia, a hostile country refugees have to cross as quickly and quietly as possible. Serbia is…

For a taste of the absurd, EU Refugee and Migration Response Policy as Ben Gibbard Song Titles:: Nothing Better Such Great Heights We Looked Like Giants Tiny Vessels Summer Skin Title and Registration Different Names for the Same Thing The Sound of Settling The New Year Brand New Colony Your Heart is an Empty Room Recycled […]

***This Post is written as an observer. There are many conversations by people from all over the Balkans regarding refugee support and how to navigate that and best support these efforts. This post is directed as a critique by a visitor towards visitors (including herself), as someone who has witnessed the harvest of broken trust […]

Hold my head under water Take a breath for the Father Learn to love. Lessons repeating The Chronicles are so misleading This is your baptism And you can’t forgive them – Baptism, Crystal Castles. I went to Presevo last weekend. I am returning there this weekend. These are the words and tears that pool in […]